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About our products

We offer a wide range of vinyl LPs and singles for sale on the site.  All are original (or contemporary) releases and the vast majority are second hand, so won't necessarily be in as-new condition.  Each listing comes with a description, details of which are below.

Item specifics

Each item has a list of specifics listing the label, catalogue number, country and year of production, and genre.


Most items on our site are in excellent condition, meaning any defects to the sleeve, innersleeve or other packaging will be minimal.

Records are not play graded, but are visually inspected under both natural and artificial light.  The overall condition of the record(s) is stated in each listing.

Any specific defects beyond the general condition of both record and packaging stated are listed separately.

Extra information

For albums, the listing will state if the item comes with the original innersleeve.  If no mention is made of this, the item will come with a plain paper innersleeve.  Singles are not usually sold with innersleeves.

Any extra items that come with the item will also be listed here.